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Mega Behaviour Management Bundle

Original price was: £64.94.Current price is: £58.45.

  • This Mega Behaviour Bundle contains all of our behaviour products, wrapped up in a great value bundle.
  • From using them as a discussion point about different behaviours, to behaviour management on the go. From display boards to non verbal warning systems and motivational reward charts, this bundle has it.
  • All of these products have been carefully developed based on years of experience, and in consultation with our customers. They are used around the world in homes, schools, and other care facilities.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.
  • Products range in size from portable keyrings at 7cm, right up to A3 display boards.

Optional Extra:

Increase the flexibility of your Behaviour products with a Blank Symbol Expansion Pack. Containing a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film, images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

More about this bundle

This huge bundle of behaviour management visuals contains many different strategies and methods for improving and modifying behaviour.

It contains an A3 behaviour chart for display, along with an A4 interactive behaviour chart that can be used as a group or individual activity to discuss positive and negative behaviours. The Behaviour Keyring is a portable tool to remind children of behaviour expectations whilst out and about, and the Reward Chart is to motivate participation in the management plan. The Behaviour Warning Board is a great tool used to visually give the child an indication of how they are behaving, without the need for constant verbal nagging or warnings.

These products, like all of our products, are made from plastic. They are exceptionally strong and durable, and are also washable.

Being able to easily clean them with simple soap and water is especially important when children are sharing resources, or when resources travel from setting to setting to ensure consistency for the child.

All of our products use the same symbol images as the Boardmaker software (created by Dynavox Mayer-Johnson, and used with permission). This means that they will likely already be familiar to your child, which is important when introducing a system like this.

They were all designed based on our experiences in raising our own autistic son, combined with over 20 years hands on professional work within the autism community.

This bundle contains…

Behaviour Warning Board

The Behaviour Warning Board is an important tool to be able to help the person to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

It allows a parent/teacher/carer to alert the person that their behaviour is starting to become problematic, without the need for raised voices, or what could be interpreted as a verbal confrontation.


A3 Visual Display Behaviour Chart

One of our most simple yet effective behaviour products, this A3 wall chart is divided into two columns – the red side  for negative behaviours, and the green side for positive ones.

Its A3 size means that it is perfect for displaying on the wall to act as a visual reminder of behaviour rules.

Interactive Behaviour Board

This comes with a selection of behaviours, including behaviours to encourage, and behaviours to discourage. These can be placed on the board along with either a tick or a cross. This means that you can customise the board to show only the behaviours that are relevant to the specific person it is supporting.

Behaviour Keyring

This handy, pocket-sized keyring covers a wide range of behaviours.

It is particularly useful to reinforce existing behaviour rules and expectations, without the need for constant verbal interventions. It includes 21 symbols for both positive and negative behaviours, and also includes a blank symbol for your own image.

Reward Chart

This A4 reward chart helps motivate the person to improve their behaviour, and to develop personal responsibility for how they act. 

The board clearly displays the chosen reward (12 are included), plus 5 stars for the person to earn. Once they have earnt a star, it is placed on the board. Once they have 5 stars, they get the reward.

Countdown Keyring

This keyring contains both a numerical and a visual colour-based countdown. It can be used to count down to the end of an activity, to provide some visual notice of the upcoming transition. It can also be used a way of de-escalating an episode of behaviour, by counting down and then stating that ‘XYZ behaviour has now finished’.

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