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Emotions Visuals Bundle

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  • Many people on the spectrum struggle to understand feelings and emotions – both their own, and those of other people.
  • These products have been specially designed in order to help teach about emotions, and then empower the person to communicate how they are feeling.
  • Used together, these products can be used to first teach the person about emotions, then identify them in themselves and others, and then finally communicate those feelings to others.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.
  • We use the same images as the Boardmaker software so your child is likely already familiar with them (from Mayer Johnson, used with permission)

Optional Extra:

Increase the flexibility of your Snack Choice Board with a Blank Symbol Expansion Pack. Containing a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film, images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

More about this bundle

Understanding, and being able to express, emotions is something that many on the spectrum find difficult.

These A4 boards support the person to understand what each emotion means, and to learn how it actually feels to experience each emotion.

These boards can then be used to help the person learn to communicate their emotions, and how they are feeling.

They are both made from plastic, and so are durable and extremely hard wearing. Both boards are A4, with symbols being 4.5cm and the keyring symbols being 7cm.

This bundle contains…

Feelings Board

This Feelings Board is a perfect tool to teach people about their emotions. It uses a colour coded scale, where the colours of the rainbow are used to depict emotions on a sliding scale (from frustrated and angry through to happy and excited).

The person can use the enclosed ‘me’ symbol to place next the section that contains the emotion they are feeling to communicate to those around them in a quick and easy way how they are feeling. Being able to easily communicate emotions is a great way to reduce frustration and potential meltdowns.

It comes with a pocket-sized keyring with a matching colour coded scale of emotions – one symbol per emotion. This helps to reinforce the learning that is taking place whilst inside, because the system can be used for communication and teaching whilst out and about.

Emotions Board

This A4 plastic board is a great tool to introduce the concept of emotions, and to help users to express how they are feeling.

Frustration at not being understood is common amongst non-verbal, pre-verbal and even verbal people with limited communication skills, and so a tool to help them express themselves in a non-threatening, non-verbal way can be a fantastic way to reduce stress and meltdowns.

It can be used as a way of the person communicating to those around them how they are feeling, or it can be used by parents/teachers/carers as a way of teaching the person about their emotions through labelling the appropriate emotion at a specific point in time.

There are 8 emotions to choose from, with space at the bottom of the board to complete the sentence ‘I feel …’.

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