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Social Stories

Social stories are a great way of preparing for an event in advance. Written in the first person, they clearly state what will happen and when, and what an appropriate way to behave is. They provide examples of positive coping strategies if the person begins to struggle, and reassures them that there will be an end to it.

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Understanding social requirements and norms is sometimes dificult for those on the spectrum. These Social Stories provide a framework for them to use when interacting with their peers, and helps them to understand social conventions and the consequences of their actions on their friends.

Self Control

Self control is something that many people on the spectrum struggle with, particularly as they don’t understand how their actions and emotions impact upon other people. These Social Stories guide the person in how to manage their own choics and emotions in different circumstances.


Behaviour is something that causes an issue for many people kon the spectrum. It is important to remember that all behaviour is a form of communication, and these Social Stories help to stop the behaviour by explaining alternative methods of communication.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene can be something that is a big issue for some on the spectrum. They simply don’t understand the need for it, or how to care for themselves. These Social Stories help to explain why these things are necessary, in what situations they need to happen, and how they are done.

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