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Essential Guides

Our essential guides are just that – short, essential guides on a wide range of topics. Designed to give you an introduction to each subject, they pack a lot of information in an easy to read format, and offers some practical tips and solutions how to help.

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Transitions are part of everyday life for us all. But what exactly are they, why do some people on the spectrum struggle with them, and how can we help?

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Anxiety and ASD

Anxiety is all too common for people on the spectrum. This course explains how it can present, along with tools to help your child to cope.

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Surviving Summer

Summer with ASD can be a difficult time, particularly because school holidays mean a lack of routine. This essential guide is filled with tips and information to help you make a difference right now!

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Sleep and the Spectrum

Sleep problems are extremely common for those with ASD, and can be one of the most challenging aspects of living with, or on, the spectrum. This gives some practical advice on how to cope.



This can be an extremely difficult area to tackle with so many different aspects coming into play. Learn how to identify the causes of, and reduce unwanted or destructive behaviour.


Sensory Processing Disorder

Those with ASD often have additional sensory needs. Here we explains what Sensory Processing Disorder is, what the symptoms are, and how you can help.

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Back to School!

As challenging as the summer holidays can be, going back to school can cause just as many issues. Use this essential guide to identify the pitfalls before they happen, and plan the perfect school return.

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Christmas and ASD

Christmas can be very difficult for someone with autism. Learn how to make it an enjoyable time of year for everyone, and get into the true festive spirit.

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Medical Care and ASD

ASD can mean the need for increased medical intervention, but at the same time making it very difficult. Learn how to improve things here.


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