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Welcome to ASD online, the home of high quality pre-made visual communication aids, useful tips and information and recommendations for products that actually work!

Super Durable

All our visual communication aids are made from plastic to ensure they are durable enough to stand up to life on the spectrum.

Wide Product Range

Behaviour Management
Routines / Schedules
Personal Hygiene


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          Working   Together      To    Reach       Our    Goals

Working Together To Reach Our Goals

Here at ASD, we understand.

We have our own autistic son, as well as having over 20 year’s hands on professional experience working with those on the spectrum. We understand the challenges that daily life can bring, and have developed our range of visual aids, information guides, social stories and toolkits based on our experiences, and in conjunction with parents, teachers, SENCOs, TA’s and people who are actually on the spectrum themselves.

We believe that progress can only be made when everyone works together, in the best way for the individual concerned.

We have a wide range of visual communication aids covering a wide range of topics, as well as resources to help you learn more about the spectrum and, more specifically, how it affects your child.

Visual Communication Products

Our visual communication products cover a wide range of topics, encouraging communication and promoting independence across many areas of a person’s life. 

They are all designed based on our own personal and professional experience, in conjunction with working with actual customers, to ensure they are as useful as possible.

They are also all made from plastic, so not only do they save you time compared to making your own, but they are also much sturdier than those made from simple laminated paper.


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Expansion Packs

Expansion packs to make your ASD products even more adaptable and useful


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Other Help Available

As well as our own range of visual communication products, we also collect together products sold by others that will be of help to you. These are products that we are confident in, and have been grouped together here to make life easier for you.

We have also published our own range of online resources, from short Essential Guides to Social Stories and comprehensive toolkits. Click on our Resources tab below to explore them.

The most cost effective way to fully benefit from our online resources, a range of membership options are available to you. For just the price of a fancy coffee per month, you can have completely unrestricted access to all of our online resources.

Recommended Products

We collect together products that we know work, to save you the work in finding them


Our Essential Guides cover a range of different autism related topics, providing useful info and top tips.


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Our Blog

We cover a range of different topics in our blog, from autism in the news to debates and information about different therapies. We add to our blog regularly, so do keep checking back with us.

Introduction to Us

So I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post with a little bit of information about us. Who we are, as people, as a company. We started our involvement with autism through work. In fact, between us we have over 25 years experience of working directly with...

Terminology: Person-First, or Identity-First?

Person first, or identify first? Some of you may be familiar with the terminology here, some maybe not. But you’ve all probably heard about the age-old argument it embodies. Does someone ‘have autism’, or are they ‘autistic’? In this world of political correctness, it...

Should I Label My Child?

It’s one of the first things you’ll have to deal with, probably before you even go down the route of formal diagnosis. Sure, your child has some challenges, and finds some things tough. But do you really want to slap them with a label of autism? A label that will...