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Complete Self Care Routines Bundle

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  • Self care is important for everyone, but some will find it more difficult than others.
  • Our complete Self Care Bundle contains products to help encourage toiletting, independent dressing, and detailed schedules for using the toilet, washing your hands and cleaning your teeth.
  • These products perfectly combine to provide a clear and consistent point of reference for personal hygiene tasks.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable – obviously important in a bathroom!
  • We use the same images as the Boardmaker software so your child is likely already familiar with them (from Mayer Johnson, used with permission)

Optional Extra:

Increase the flexibility of your products with a Blank Symbol Expansion Pack. Containing a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film, images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

This bundle contains…

About This Bundle

Self care is extremely important for everyone, but sometimes for people on the spectrum this can be easier said than done.

Our self care routines are all in one boards made from plastic, so are ideally designed to sit next to the toilet or basin and show every step involved in each of the specific self care tasks covered.

The Getting Dressed Schedule is suitable for people of all genders, and can be extended further with our Blank Symbols expansion pack.

The Toilet Monitoring Board is great for tracking toilet visits, and to provide motivation during toilet training.

Getting Dressed Schedule

This board helps to develop independence and promotes key life skills by clearly showing the steps needed when getting dressed.

Getting dressed independently is an important skill to develop, and when someone develops this skill it can be a great boost to self esteem and confidence. 

Toilet Monitoring Board

The Toilet Monitoring Schedule is an extremely useful motivating tool when encouraging people to use the toilet independently.

Great to potty train pre-school children, teach older children the importance of toileting, and even to act as a reminder for older people to use the toilet regularly.

Toilet Schedule

The Toilet Schedule by Autism Supplies and Developments is a handy little visual tool that helps users to develop personal hygiene skills and improve their independence by teaching them to use the toilet independently.

An all in one board, it is perfect to display on the wall next to the toilet, and easy to clean.

Washing Hands Schedule

The Washing Hands Schedule by Autism Supplies and Developments one of a range of products designed to increase independence and help users to master basic personal hygiene tasks.

It is an important visual tool which encourages users to develop their independence by teaching them how to wash their hands effectively and independently.

Cleaning Teeth Schedule

The Cleaning Teeth Schedule by Autism Supplies and Developments is the last of the personal hygiene all in one trio, and is a great way of teaching how to clean your teeth independently.

Gaining independence is a really important goal, and this helps to move towards this.


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