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Autism Supplies and Developments

High-quality ASD resources and Information

We believe that everyone should be enabled to reach their potential

Welcome to Autism Supplies and Developments! We’re a family business, producing products and resources that we know work.

Our Story

Here at ASD, we understand. We have our own autistic son, as well as having over 25 years hands on professional experience working with those on the spectrum.  We were concerned at the quality and availability of available resources, which were often limited to cheap laminated paper that tended to fall apart with use.

We understand the challenges that daily life can bring, and believe that progress can only be made when everyone works together, in the best way for the individual concerned. We have developed our range of visual aids and educational products based on our experiences and those of our customers.

Our resources are all printed directly onto plastic, meaning they are super durable, and will last and last.

Our Values & Beliefs

Everyone deserves to reach their potential

We believe that ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. We believe that everyone has the right to reach their potential, and be enabled by those around them to be the best possible version of themselves.

We are all individuals

We believe that everyone is an individual, and if you have met one person on the spectrum, then you have met one person on the spectrum. Different strategies and tools work with different people, and it is everyone’s responsibility to discover what helps a particular individual the most.

We should always strive for the best

We believe that we should always aim high. We may not reach that high, in fact if we’re aiming high enough then we probably won’t. But people live up to the expectation of them, and just because someone is on the spectrum it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect great things from them.

Our Products

We designed our very first products for our own autistic son. These were pretty simple and rudimentary, and (if we’re honest) didn’t last long! We found that, although the ideas were great, and really helped him, laminated paper simply wasn’t durable enough to stand up to daily life with our son! We were disappointed that it would take an age to cut, laminate and then cut and velcro all these pieces of paper (time which we frankly didn’t have!), only to have to repeat the whole process in a few weeks time.

Since that time, our products have grown in number and durability. We have created a comprehensive range of visual supports, covering a wide range of topics, including routines, behaviour, and Personal Health Social and Emotional (PHSE). Plus, after a lengthy research and design process we have ensured our products are super durable (yet not hazardous by being rigid) by printing directly onto semi-flexible plastic.

Our Resources

We believe that we are all complex individuals, with our own distinct personalities and set of needs. Because of this, a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t work for the vast majority of people. Our resources aim to give you information on a wide range of autism-related topics, and then – crucially – they help you to apply what you’ve learnt to your own particular circumstances..

We have a wide range of short guides available for all members (you can join for free!), plus a series of much more detailed online courses that you can either purchase outright, or get as part of your premium membership (it’s still very cheap, as we believe that money shouldn’t hold anyone back from helping their loved ones).

We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch!