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Select which online content you want to explore from the list below. You’ll need a membership to view or use any of our resources, but as our cheapest plan is absolutely FREE, what’s stopping you?!

Essential Guides

Our Essential Guides are all absolutely free when you sign up for a free membership!

Our Essential Guides are short guides (although we tend to pack in a lot of information in), focusing on particular topics. We try to cover a wide range, and are always adding to what we offer, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch!


Our Toolkits are ‘how to’ guides on steroids! A host of information and practical advice.

Our Tookits are courses that you complete online, focusing on particular topics. As well as giving you detailed information, they include worksheets to complete to really help you apply what you have learnt to your own particular circumstances.

Social Stories

Social Stories are powerful tools in helping to prepare and plan something that may be difficult.

Social stories are short, informative stories written in the first person. It clearly explains to the person what will happen, and what appropriate reactions are. It also gives them coping mechanisms and a clear end to whatever it is.

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