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Mega Routines and Schedules Visuals Bundle

Original price was: £57.95.Current price is: £52.15.

  • Combine all of our routine products in this great value mega bundle.
  • Contains routine to help get through difficult times of the day (such as the mornings and evenings), and a Now Next Later board to help through any particularly difficult times. Also contains a Weekly Planner to help plan the week ahead and feel more organised, and a Day Planner to help prepare for each day.
  • People on the spectrum thrive on routines and are mainly visual learners – products like these help them to focus, understand the task and complete it.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.
  • We use the same images as the Boardmaker software so your child is likely already familiar with them (from Mayer Johnson, used with permission)



Optional Extras:

Increase the flexibility of your schedules with one of our expansion packs. Both packs contain a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film. The pre-printed expansion packs contain images on the theme in the title. The blank symbols pack has a sheet of pre-scored plastic film, and images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

Weekly Planner Expansion Packs

Day Planner Expansion Packs

Now Next Later Expansion Packs

Morning Routine Expansion Packs

Evening Routine Expansion Packs

This bundle contains…

Weekly Planner

This is perfect for those that need to know what is coming up, and also for introducing the basic concepts of the passage of time.
With one column for each day of the week, the key events for each day can be attached to the board. This promotes forward planning, and encourages the taking of responsibility.

Morning Routine

This routine is essential for anyone reliant on a visual routine to help them through. It helps to breaks down the morning into small, manageable chunks, which helps with reducing stress and getting through what needs to be done.

This board comes with 12 common morning activity symbols, with space for five on the board at any one time.

Evening Routine

Lay the foundations for a restful night’s sleep with this simple, yet effective, plastic Evening Routine Schedule.

A very helpful tool to make the evening routine go more smoothly.

This schedule board breaks down the steps needed to prepare for bed in a clear visual manger, perfect for those that rely on a consistent routine to reduce anxiety.

Day Planner

The A4 Visual Day Planner is a perfect tool to help start to develop independence and to encourage the person to start to take responsibility for themselves.

There is space for the day of the week at the top of the board, and then a space for a symbol depicting where the person will be spending that day. Also includes a detachable sentence strip.

Now Next Later Board

Perfect for helping to smooth transitioning from one activity to another, this A4 board is the perfect size to be clearly visible when sat on a desk/on the wall, but also to easily to carry around to refer to.

With space for 3 symbols on the board at any one time, it visually labels the current activity (Now), the next activity (next), and then an activity that will be happening at a later stage (Later).

This bundle contains all of our best routines and schedules together.

It contains everything you need to:

  • establish a plan for the week with our Weekly Planner
  • plan the day according to where you will spending it and what you will need with our Day Planner
  • targeted support for particularly difficult times of day such as morning and evenings with our Morning and Evening Routines
  • guided support to help maintain concentration and increase motivation through our Now Next Later Board

Boards range from portable routines (31 x 8cm) to A3 display boards, and have all been carefully designed to be as effectiv as possible.

They are also all made from plastic, meaning they are easy to clean – particularly important when resources need to be taken between settings or shared between children.

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