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Day Planner


  • A fantastic tool to encourage users to take responsibility for ensuring they are prepared and packed appropriately for the day ahead. The detachable sentence strip displays what they need to pack and take with them and is extremely feature, giving a clear visual reminder to be easily carried around the house while they pack their bag.
  • Both board and symbols are made from plastic so they are incredible durable and hardwearing
  • The board is A4 in size – which is a good size for both display on the wall and also to keep on the desk for easy access and reference. The symbols themselves are 4.5cm square, again easy to both see and handle.
  • Includes pre-printed plastic symbols for the 7 days of the week, several common places to spend the day, and a collection of common items that are often required (a total of 23 symbols). However, we use hook and loop fasteners with our products, to ensure that the board is also compatible with your existing symbol library.
  • Uses the same symbols as the Boardmaker software, which are the images that most schools and facilities rely on. This means that individuals are likely to already be familiar with the symbols used which can be extremely important when trying to encourage the use of the product. The images are Mayer-Johnson images, by Dynavox Mayer-Johnson, and are used with permission.

Optional Extras:

Increase the flexibility of your Day Planner with one of our expansion packs. Both packs contain a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film. The Day Planner Expansion Pack contains pre-printed images showing different places that someone might be going that day, along with additional items they may need to pack with them. The blank symbols pack has a sheet of pre-scored plastic film, and images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

Great Value Bundles!

Why not upgrade to one of our great value bundles? These are combinations of products that we know from experience work really well together, and have been bundled together to save you both time and money!

The Visual Day Planner by Autism Supplies and Developments is a perfect tool to help start to develop independence and to encourage the person to start to take responsibility for themselves.

The plastic board is A4 in size, meaning that it is a great size to both display in a central location but also to carry around if necessary.

There is space for the day of the week at the top of the board, and then a space for a symbol depicting where the person will be spending that day.

There is also a removable sentence strip at the bottom of the board, where the items that they will need for the day can be displayed. This sentence strip can be detached from the main board and carried around the house with them as they pack their bag for the day.

This product depicts an extremely logical process – identifying the day, identifying what is happening, and then considering everything that they will need for the day.

Showing all this information in a visual manner is extremely helpful for those that struggle with their concentration and executive function skills.

Designed initially for autistic children, it has been used successfully with a wide age range and also alternative diagnoses such as learning disabilities, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and even dementia. It has also been used in pre-schools and other early years setting extremely successfully.

Being made from plastic means that both the board and symbols are flexible, yet remain strong and extremely durable.

This product is part of the Autism Supplies and Developments range of visual communication aids, which were originally designed to help our own autistic son. With over 30 years professional and personal experience being with those on the spectrum, you can be sure that these products are well designed and helpful.

Aneka, United Kingdom 

“Fast delivery and amazing for autistic children”

“my child who is non-verbal autistic uses this daily in order to see what his daily routine will be whether it’s at school or at home it is been amazing for his progress”

Cat Woman, United Kingdom

“Very Useful”

“This planner is very useful in explaining the sequence of the day’s events to youngster, especially when their routine is changed. The planner’s vibrant pictures provide visual clarity to spoken communication, it is especially helpful for youngsters struggling to process new situations.”

Rachel, United Kingdom

“Five Stars!”

“Perfect, absolutely no complaints here!””

Lil Timson, United Kingdom

“A must for communication”

“excellent for my grandson with communication difficulties through cerebral palsy”

Sarah Has, Canada

“Must have”

“Can’t wait to use this this school year – I think it will really do the job.”

Michelle Miscampbell, Canada

“Well made and arrived quickly, great product “

Board size: A4

Symbol size: 4.5cm square

Material: Semi-flexible polypropylene plastic

Number of detachable symbols included: 23

Fastener type: Hook and loop fastener

Symbols Included:

  •  7 x days of the week
  • at school
  • at respite
  • at home
  • with friends
  • with family
  • bag
  • books
  • change of clothes
  • coat
  • homework
  • iPad
  • lunchbox
  • medicine
  • sports kit
  • toys

This product is not a toy. Only for use by persons over 3 years of age, and under direct supervision by a responsible adult.

Executive Functioning Visual Bundle

Original price was: £24.98.Current price is: £22.49.


Mega Routines and Schedules Visuals Bundle

Original price was: £57.95.Current price is: £52.15.


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