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Weekly Planner


  • Perfect for those than need to know what is going to happen in order to reduce anxiety levels. It provides a clear visual picture of the week ahead, and increases responsibility while decreasing stress and anxiety.
  • The board is A3 in size – a great size to put up on the wall in an easily accessible place so the user can check the week ahead whenever they want to. The symbols themselves are 4.5cm square, again easy to both see and handle.
  • Includes 24 pre-printed plastic symbols of common activities. This includes multiple symbols to cover activities that happen repeatedly in the week, for example school. Symbols also cover a range of social meetings, leisure activities, medical appointments and respite arrangements. However, we use hook and loop fasteners with our products, to ensure that the board is also compatible with your existing symbol library.
  • Uses the same symbols as the Boardmaker software, which are the images that most schools and facilities rely on.


Great Value Bundles!

Why not upgrade to one of our great value bundles? These are combinations of products that we know from experience work really well together, and have been bundled together to save you both time and money!

This product is perfect for those that need to know what is coming up, and also for introducing the basic concepts of the passage of time.
With 7 columns, one for each day of the week, the key events for each day can be attached to the board with the enclosed hook and loop fastenings. This promotes forward planning, and encourages the taking of responsibility.
One of our most popular products, this A3 sized plastic board is perfect for attaching to the wall or keeping in a clearly visible place to make it easy to refer to quickly. The board comes with 24 pre-printed plastic symbols, ensuring it caters also for events that happen multiple times per week (e.g. school).
Both the board and the symbols are made from plastic, meaning they are durable and extremely hard wearing.
Designed initially for autistic children, it has been used successfully with a wide age range and also alternative diagnoses such as learning disabilities, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and even dementia.
Being made from plastic means that both the board and symbols are flexible, yet remain strong and extremely durable.
This product is part of the Autism Supplies and Developments range of visual communication aids, which were originally designed to help our own autistic son. With over 30 years professional and personal experience being with those on the spectrum, you can be sure that these products are well designed and helpful.

Sue_1978, United Kingdom

“Perfect for planning the week ahead for a child that doesn’t understand”

“This is really good as it helps my son to see what he’s got planned for the week ahead. He now has confidence to just take each day as it comes without getting overwhelmed by it.

It is made from high quality plastic not paper and then laminated like others and should last as long as you need it.”

Hayley Nunn, United Kingdom

“Quick delivery”

“This is for my son, and is very useful. I have bought other visual materials from this company before, always deliver quickly.”

BMJ, United Kingdom

“Good Quality Product”

“Good quality product.Highly recomend it.”

Tracey S, United Kingdom

“Great buy”

“This was a smart buy for me ,life made easy for my young adult who has autism”

Shona, United Kingdom

“Great Item”

“Our son has ASD and was finding it difficult with thing like after school activities and not knowing when they were going to happen and wanting them on days there weren’t on. This has made things so much easier as he can see what he has on and when. So glad we got it”

Carol, United Kingdom

“Happy learning”

“Really interesting! My grandaughter took to it immediately, and took the school sticker. Will definitely get extra symbols to add on to it.”

Sharon, United Kingdom

“Great Weekly Planner”

“I like the brightness of the board and the easy to use effectiveness that children love.”

Jody, United Kingdom

“Great buy, would recommend”

Board size: A3

Symbol size: 4.5cm square

Material: Semi-flexible polypropylene plastic

Number of detachable symbols included: 24

Fastener type: Hook and loop fastener

Symbols Included:

  •  school x 5
  • home x 4
  • respite x 3
  • cinema
  • tidy room
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • family
  • hospital
  • party
  • shopping
  • surprise
  • swimming
  • friend
  • sports

This product is not a toy. Only for use by persons over 3 years of age, and under direct supervision by a responsible adult.

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