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Evening Routine


  • Great to introduce a sense of calm and relaxation to the evening, and introduce a positive bedtime routine to help everyone get a good night’s sleep.
  • Both board and symbols are made from plastic so they are incredible durable and hardwearing
  • The board measures 31cm x 8cm – a great size to keep it easily portable around the house yet easy to see. The symbols themselves are 4.5cm square, again easy to both see and handle.
  • Includes 12 pre-printed plastic symbols of common evening activities. However, we use hook and loop fasteners with our products, to ensure that the board is also compatible with your existing symbol library
  • Uses the same symbols as the Boardmaker software, which are the images that most schools and facilities rely on. This means that individuals are likely to already be familiar with the symbols used which can be extremely important when trying to encourage the use of the product. The images are Mayer-Johnson images, by Dynavox Mayer-Johnson, and are used with permission.

Optional Extras:

Increase the flexibility of your Evening Routine with one of our expansion packs. Both packs contain a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film. The Day Planner Expansion Pack contains pre-printed images showing different activities you might do in the late afternoon and evening. The blank symbols pack has a sheet of pre-scored plastic film, and images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

Great Value Bundles!

Why not upgrade to one of our great value bundles? These are combinations of products that we know from experience work really well together, and have been bundled together to save you both time and money!

Lay the foundations for a restful night’s sleep with this simple, yet effective, plastic Evening Routine Schedule.

A very helpful tool to make the evening routine go more smoothly.

This schedule board breaks down the steps needed to prepare for bed in a clear visual manger, perfect for those that rely on a consistent routine to reduce anxiety.

Increasing understanding and providing predictability means fewer upsets and meltdowns. It breaks down the evening into small, manageable chunks, which helps with getting through what needs to be done.

This board comes with 12 common evening activity symbols, with space for five on the board at any one time.

Using images give the person clear, visual instructions, at a time when verbal ones may not be processed as well (or even at all).

Using this board adds a sense of clarity and purpose, which can decrease stress and generally help the evening and bedtime go more smoothly.

Designed initially for autistic children, it has been used successfully with an wide age range and also alternative diagnoses such as learning disabilities, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and even dementia.

Being made from plastic means that both the board and symbols are flexible, yet remain strong and extremely durable.

This product is part of the Autism Supplies and Developments range of visual communication aids, which were originally designed to help our own autistic son. With over 30 years professional and personal experience being with those on the spectrum, you can be sure that these products are well designed and helpful.

Natasha, United Kingdom

“Just what I needed”

“As a busy mum to 3 children ( one child whom has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder), I was struggling to fit in time making my own Pecs as I have done so previously using my laptop and pushing my half knackered laminator to the limit!- which took many many hours during the evenings.

I came across these wonderful products they are exactly what I needed .
I ordered quite a few Picture Exchange Communication Aids from -Autism Supplies and Developments- , the delivery was very quick and they were delivered in perfect condition.

I am very impressed with the boards and cards They are clear, high quality Picture Communication Symbol images.”

JaneyMac, United Kingdom

“Love all these products”

“Great product, really good quality plastic cards, nice size for small hands, my son has taken really well to them. They are well laid out and obviously designed by someone who understands Autism. I will definitely be buying more from this company, they are extremely helpful with all enquiries too.”

Anonymous, United Kingdom

“Great for my 6 year old with autism”

“Great for my 6 year old with autism, however different cards could be provided or a way to purchase these as some of his routine is not on the picture cards. He was able to understand the visual cues with next to no explanation.”

Teddybear, United Kingdom

“Thumbs up”

“Brilliant quality and arrived promptly!”

Shaethari, United Kingdom

“Happy customer”

“Great little visual reminder for my daughter who panics when she can’t remember what she has to do next. Definitely recommend it.”

Rachel, United States

“Five stars!”


Board size: 31 x 8cm

Symbol size: 4.5cm square

Material: Semi-flexible polypropylene plastic

Number of detachable symbols included: 12

Fastener type: Hook and loop fastener

Symbols Included:

  • bedtime
  • dinner
  • tv
  • brush teeth
  • put on PJs
  • toilet
  • shower
  • bath
  • relax
  • choose
  • brush hair
  • medicine

This product is not a toy. Only for use by persons over 3 years of age, and under direct supervision by a responsible adult.

Morning / Evening Routine Bundle

Original price was: £19.98.Current price is: £17.99.


Mega Routines and Schedules Visuals Bundle

Original price was: £57.95.Current price is: £52.15.


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