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Feelings Board


  • Ideal to be used as a tool to teach about emotions, and to encourage users to express themselves.
  • Comes with pocket sized 7cm keyring so the same system can be used anywhere and everywhere
  • Both board and symbols are made from plastic so they are incredible durable and hardwearing
  • The board is A4 in size – which is a good size for both display on the wall and also to keep on the desk for easy access and reference.
  • The ‘me’ symbol is 4.5cm square, again easy to both see and handle.

The Autism Supplies and Developments Feelings Board is a perfect tool to teach people about their emotions. It uses a colour coded scale, where the colours of the rainbow are used to depict emotions on a sliding scale (from frustrated and angry through to happy and excited).

The person can use the enclosed ‘me’ symbol to place next the section that contains the emotion they are feeling to communicate to those around them in a quick and easy way how they are feeling. Being able to easily communicate emotions is a great way to reduce frustration and potential meltdowns.

Parents, carers and teachers can also use this as a tool to teach people about their own emotions, by providing a label for how the person is feeling based on their behaviour. This helps by acknowledging the emotion being felt, communicating to the person that they are understood, and helps give them the tools they need to improve their communication in the future.

It comes with a pocket-sized keyring with a matching colour coded scale of emotions – one symbol per emotion. This helps to reinforce the learning that is taking place whilst inside, because the system can be used for communication and teaching whilst out and about.

Designed initially for autistic children, it has been used successfully with a wide age range and also alternative diagnoses such as learning disabilities, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and even dementia. It has also been used in pre-schools and other early years setting extremely successfully. Being made from plastic means that both the board and symbols are flexible, yet remain strong and extremely durable.

This product is part of the Autism Supplies and Developments range of visual communication aids, which were originally designed to help our own autistic son. With over 30 years professional and personal experience being with those on the spectrum, you can be sure that these products are well designed and helpful.


M Hook, United Kingdom


“Brilliant. Our 5yr old son took to this within minutes. Initially it was a game, he learnt and could recite all the emotions against the corresponding value.
We simply ask how he is feeling, and responds with the number. He adjusts the “Me” card against the board throughout the day.
He also volunteers how he is feeling now too.

Definitely easier and clearer on both parties of how he feels which was previously a challenge. We purchased one for school as well to provide further continuity. Yes you could make one yourself, but C’mon, good product, well made and so much easier and more durable.”

Barb, United States

“It is sturdy, easy to use and perfect”

We put this on my 10 year old autistic daughters door. It is working out PERFECTLY!!! WE know that when it is on 5, she is needing alone time in her room to calm herself down. I can see just by walking by her bedroom door how she is doing. She is verbal but unable to let us know her moods in words. With this, we can see when she is struggling with something or needs sensory input or needs to be alone to think. It is sturdy, easy to use and perfect!! Thank you!”

Ginger 0231, United Kingdom

My child expressed her feelings and she is more happy because it has helped her open up more about how she is feeling”

“The feeling board has really helped my child express her feelings and she is more happy because it has helped her open up more about how she feels and she is having a better day!!

Thank you so much for your support for helping her confidence grow xx”

Misha, United States

“This system is a great and simple way to help delayed children with special needs”

“This system is a great and simple way to help delayed children of special needs to recognize different emotions and to move the face to what they are feeling I think better helps them relay that “I’m angry so this face is how I feel” or “I’m happy so this face is me right now” my son is special needs and developmentally delayed by 2 years and getting him to recognize different emotions he is feeling before he gets overwhelmed has been a challenge but this system is really helping him better communicate his feelings and what we need to do to help him so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. The travel size one is also great to have songs can even show us when we are out and about.”

Verified Customer, United States

“Excellent in a childcare home”

“As a childminder this has been a great influence on the varied ages and stages of children. I leave this up on the hallway wall all the time. As children have to pass it daily they can place the marker at a feeling of their choice when situations arise. I then know if a child is struggling or we have succeeded in a fun day.”


Tracey M72, United Kingdom

“Something so simple, yet brilliant”

“This is exactly what I was looking for to assist my daughter in understanding her moods. She not only uses it for herself, but likes to ask others how they are feeling too. It’s just great”

Patterma, United States

“Pleasantly surprised by the quality”

“Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this Feelings Board, which is printed on durable plastic. The colors are vibrant, and the pictures are clear and simple. It’s about the size of a sheet of paper (this is size A4?), which is my preference not to be too big. Additionally, it comes with a key ring with separate individual “feelings” pieces to use when away from home. I’m excited to finally have a visual aid to help our 4 year old ASD son sort out his emotions!”

Rebecca Smith, United Kingdom

“Ideal for Autism Spectrum Disorder”

I bought this product for my son who is 6 and has ASD. I gave the feelings board to school as my sons feelings could and would at times change so much through out the day, this was a visual way of knowing how he was feeling which my son found easy as he has difficulty in explaining how he is feeling.


Bethany H, United States

“Great product!”

“I LOVED the material that this is made out of. I teach special education in a high school classroom and had training on the 5 point chart and was eager to use with one of my students with autism (including intense meltdowns). This product is perfect in that he is unable to tear it up and can easily move the character to express his feelings.The parents of the student have asked for information to purchase one for home use. I highly recommended this product.”

The Chos, United States

“I definitely recommend this as a way to understand a toddler’s emotions”

“I purchased this after noticing it in my child’s Pre-K classroom. She has trouble expressing her emotions sometimes and this helped us a lot. When she gets mad, this is a method between us to calm her down by asking her to show me what she is feeling and why. Afterwards, we reference it again to see where her emotions were stemming from. I definitely recommend this as a way to help understand a toddler’s emotions as they do not completely understand it themselves.”

Aliza, United States

“The portable keyring is a HUGE help”

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to work with my very verbal pre-schooler who goes almost completely non-verbal and physical when upset, and I’ve turned to ASD-responsive products for help.

I *love* the keyring. You can flip through feeling faces in various stages of strong emotion, and incorporate this tool into role play/discussions.

For example, when my kid is fine and playing with action figures, I might pick one up and instigate a fight with one of the other characters, then work one up into meltdown level drama. I then pick up the keyring and ask the character how it’s feeling… and it goes with “frustrated”, which is the most intense emotion on the ring. So, I interact with the character, ask it to verbalize its feelings, and make it say “I’m mad because I was playing with the (whatever)”, which is a less intense emotion than frustrated, and we flip to that picture on the key ring.

Then, I maybe suggest that it share and let the other action figure play with the whatever right now, and hey look, there’s a car over there that you can play with for a while, until your toy of choice is available again. Then, I check in with the character, and it’s down to “sad” on the key ring, so we discuss what it’s like to not be able to play with your toy of choice for a while… then we check in, and it’s on the keyring picture of “content”.

We keep walking down the intensity of emotions this way. After the first time I did this with action figures, my child picked it up and started interacting with the characters the same way. We’ve gone through several scenarios this way, and I think my child is catching on that you can walk your way down the intensity of emotions.

I have brought out the key ring for my child’s own expression of feelings, but it’s always more effective if we’ve done the role play within a few days…. so that’s what I aim to do. Just bought it a few weeks ago but I am seeing slightly more verbalization- at least “I’m frustrated,” or “I’m mad” gets announced, which is a helpful starting point.”

Board size: A4

‘Me’ symbol size: 4.5cm

Keyring symbol size: 7cm

Material: Semi flexible polypropylene plastic

Number of detachable symbols included: 1

Number of symbols in keyring: 6

Fastener type: hook and loop fastener, stainless steel binding ring

Emotions included: 

  • frustrated (red)
  • mad (orange)
  • sad (yellow)
  • content (green)
  • happy (blue)
  • excited (purple)

This product is not a toy. Only for use by persons over 3 years of age, and under direct supervision by a responsible adult.

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