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Activity Choice Board


  • Easy to use A4 activity choice board and visual symbol cards to help offer a choice and allow the person to have a voice.
  • Perfect for autism, ADHD, ASD, PDA, kids, children, toddlers
  • Improves communication skills and can reduce frustration and meltdowns
  • Highly durable plastic material used for both board and symbols: strong, lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean and designed to withstand life in an autism household!
  • Compatible with your existing PECs symbol library (uses hook and loop fastenings)

This A4 plastic Activity Choice board comes with a selection of 16 common indoor and outdoor activities.

A few options can be placed on the board from which the person can choose. The number placed on the board is dependent on the abilities of the person it is being used to support. Some people will be able to make a meaningful choice if there is only a couple of options from which they can choose, whereas some people will be able to choose from a much greater number of options.

Being able to make basic choices about their lives is often a source of much frustration for many autistic and non-verbal people. Even those that can communicate verbally to a limited extent will often have trouble making choices. Echolalia is common amongst those on the spectrum, and so when presented with a verbal choice they will often simply repeat the last thing they heard. This can appear to be them making a choice, however if this is not what they actually mean then treating this as an actual choice they are making can lead to increasing frustration and confusion.

Each plastic symbol is 4.5cm square, with rounded corners to prevent scratches, and attaches to the board with hook and loop fasteners.

Designed initially for autistic children, it has been used successfully with a wide age range and also alternative diagnoses such as learning disabilities, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and even dementia. It has also been used in pre-schools and other early years setting extremely successfully.

Being made from plastic means that both the board and symbols are flexible, yet remain strong and extremely durable.

This product is part of the Autism Supplies and Developments range of visual communication aids, which were originally designed to help our own autistic son. With over 30 years professional and personal experience being with those on the spectrum, you can be sure that these products are well designed and helpful.

West11, United Kingdom

“Great little board!”

“Lovely board for my autistic son for him to choose after school activities. Simple and good quality, easy to use. Highly recommend.”

Anonymous teacher, United States


“These are very durable. The pec symbols are made of hard plastic, not laminated. Great for my class”

Michael Driscoll, United Kingdom


“Brilliant for our son”

Andrea King, Canada

“Five Stars!”

“This is so awesome I can’t wait to use it with my students thank you!!”

Samantha K, United Kingdom

“Best quality I’ve seen”

“Beautiful quality, extremely well made. Highly recommend.”

Glenna Unurh, United States


“Works great for our autistic grandchild.”

Board size: A4

Symbol size: 4.5cm square

Material: Semi-flexible polypropylene plastic

Number of detachable symbols included: 16

Fastener type: Hook and loop fastener

Symbols Included:

  • arts & crafts
  • ball
  • choose
  • bike
  • computer
  • DVD
  • iPad
  • outside play
  • read
  • relax
  • sandpit
  • sensory toys
  • television
  • toys
  • walk
  • write


This product is not a toy. Only for use by persons over 3 years of age, and under direct supervision by a responsible adult.

Optional Extras:

Increase the flexibility of your Snack Choice Board with a Symbol Expansion Pack. All expansion packs contain a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film. For the COVID-friendly activities pack, images have been pre-printed directly onto the self adhesive plastic film. For the blank expansion pack, images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

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