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Managing Transitions: Essential Guide


Transitions can be a tough time for any child, but for someone on the spectrum, transitioning from one thing to another can be particularly tough.

This guide runs through a simple, 7 step, process that can help your child make a successful transition. You will learn about what transitions actually are, why they can be so difficult, and (more importantly) what you can do to help.

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More about this Essential Guide

Transitioning is essentially the process of transitioning from one thing to another. This can be from one activity to another, from one place to another, or even from one set of clothes to another.

Essentially, anything which means a change from one thing to another, can cause an issue for someone on the autistic spectrum.

Different people will struggle with different aspects of transitioning, but as it is extremely common amongst the autism community, this Essential Guide has been written to discuss some of the issues that can arise. It also provides a 7 part process designed to help you help your child.

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