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Transitions Bundle

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  • Transitioning from one activity to another is often very difficult for someone on the spectrum.
  • These products have been carefully designed to help guide the person through each transition they find tough.
  • The Now Next Later Board helps them understand what is coming up, and the Countdown Keyring helps count down to the transition to give them plenty of warning. The reward chart provides positive motivation for completing the transition.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.
  • We use the same images as the Boardmaker software so your child is likely already familiar with them (from Mayer Johnson, used with permission)

Optional Extras:

Increase the flexibility of your products with one of our expansion packs. Both packs contain a film of self-adhesive, pre scored plastic film. The pre-printed Expansion Packs contains pre-printed images on a theme. The blank symbols pack has a sheet of pre-scored plastic film, and images of your choosing can be printed using a regular laser printer or alternatively drawn on by hand with a permanent pen. Once the images are on the plastic film, simply remove from the backing paper and place onto the blank plastic symbol squares included in the pack.

More about this bundle

Transitioning from one thing to another can be challenging for those on the spectrum, whether that be between places, activities, clothing, or even times of day or seasons. This Transitions Bundle has been designed to provide visual support every step along the way during a transition.

Use the Now Next Later Board to explain about the transition, and prepare the person. The Countdown Keyring can be used to visually count down to it, to ensure the person is very aware of the time expectations on them for performing the transition. The reward chart is used to motivate and encourage the person to engage with the transition.

Together, these three products work extremely well to help the person to manage the transitions in their day to day lives and will make life easier for everyone involved. Both boards are A4 in size, so are easy to see whilst still being portable. Board symbols are 4.5cm, whereas keyring symbols are 7cm - all of which have been carefully designed to be easily manipulated in the hand whilst being easy to see and understand.

This bundle contains…

Now Next Later Board

Perfect for helping to smooth transitioning from one activity to another, this A4 board is the perfect size to be clearly visible when sat on a desk/on the wall, but also to easily to carry around to refer to.

With space for 3 symbols on the board at any one time, it visually labels the current activity (Now), the next activity (next), and then an activity that will be happening at a later stage (Later). Putting this extra activity at the end, which is usually something the person likes to do, helps act as a powerful motivator to help them to stay calm and focussed on the task in hand.

Transitioning from one activity to another can be extremely challenging for someone on the autistic spectrum, and this board provides them clear, visual prompts to allow them to prepare themselves adequately for the change in activity. If the current activity is not a preferred one, it can also serve as a visual reminder that it will not last forever and that it will soon be over.

Reward Chart

The Reward Chart by Autism Supplies and Developments is an extremely useful motivating tool to help people to manage their own behaviour.

The person first selects the reward that they would like to work towards getting. 12 common rewards are included, though because the board uses hook and loop fastenings it is compatible with your existing symbol library.

The person can then begin to earn stars by doing a number of pre-agreed things. This could be behaving in a certain manner, not doing something, or completing a list of tasks. Once they have collected 5 stars, they receive their reward.

It is usually best for the person to earn stars, but not lose them for subsequent negative behaviour. Losing them can be extremely demoralising, and can appear to the person to be ‘cancelling out’ their earlier good work. This can lead to them losing faith in the system and becoming unwilling to work towards any further stars.

Countdown Keyring

The Countdown Keyring from Autism Supplies and Developments is a great behaviour tool to help de-escalate potentially difficult situations.

For those that understand numbers, there is a numerical countdown from 5 down to 1, followed by a sign for ‘finished’.

For those that are not yet familiar enough with numbers for this system to work, there is also a colour coded system based on traffic light colours, from green, through amber, to red.
Both these countdowns are followed by the ‘finished’ symbol.

This product can be used to count down to the end of an activity, to provide some visual notice of the upcoming transition. It can also be used a way of de-escalating an episode of behaviour, by counting down and then stating that ‘XYZ behaviour has now finished’.

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