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Blank Symbols Expansion Pack


This Expansion Pack consists of 24 blank plastic symbols, allowing you complete freedom to create a truly personalised symbol library. Suitable for use with any of our products, this really is a great way to increase flexibility and tailor your products to create a unique and personalised approach to visual communication.

How do our Blank Expansion Packs Work?

This expansion pack consists of 24 x 4.5cm blank plastic symbols (the same as you get with our regular products), plus 24 pre-scored plastic self adhesive film squares. It also comes with sufficient loop velcro circles for all 24 of the symbols.

You can create your own images on the film in one of two different ways. Either print images directly onto the film with a regular laser printer, or alternatively simply draw your images using permanent marker.

Once the images have been created, simply peel them from the backing paper and place them onto your blank symbols – they are ready to use in just a few minutes.

The symbols and labels are both made from plastic. This, combined with the use of permanent adhesive on the images, means that the symbols are very durable – they will stand up to much more use than simple laminated paper/card.

All corners are rounded to reduce the likelihood of scratches.

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