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Behaviour Management Keyring Bundle


  • A great value bundle featuring two of our most popular behaviour products.
  • We understand that behaviour management doesn’t just happen indoors, and that you often need visual support whilst out and about.
  • Our keyring products provide just that – a handy, pocket sized method of behaviour management.
  • Made from plastic, these products are waterproof, washable, and extremely durable.
  • Keyring symbols are 7cm rounded squares, which we have found to be the best size to fit into your pocket or bag (or even on a lanyard – not included) whilst remaining easy to see and identify.


More about this bundle

Two of our most popular keyring products, combined together in one handy bundle.

Our Behaviour Keyring collects together a collection of 21 different common behaviour themed symbols (both positive and negative). Our Countdown Keyring provides two different types of countdown. There is a numerical countdown from 5 down to 1, and a visual colour coded countdown based on traffic light colours. It also features a 'finished' symbol.

Keyrings are ideal tools for behaviour management, because they are portable and always available to be used.

Made from plastic, these keyrings are strong and durable, and can withstand daily use whilst out and about. They are also waterproof, and can easily be washed with soap and water to keep them clean and hygienic - especially useful when sharing them between settings or with multiple children.

The symbols are held together on a strong and sturdy binding ring. This can open, and symbols can be rearranged and removed as necessary, so you only need take the symbols you actually need out with you.

This bundle contains…

Behaviour Keyring

This handy, pocket-sided keyring contain different common behaviour-related symbols. 

Symbols are held together on a stainless steel binding ring, meaning that they can be easily rearranged to ensure the most useful ones for the specific person or place are at the front and easy to use.

Covering a wide range of both positive and negative behaviours, this is a particularly useful tool to reinforce existing behaviour rules and expectation, without the need for constant verbal interventions.

Each symbol measures 7cm square, with rounded corners to avoid scratches. This size is the perfect size to ensure the keyring is portable and can fit into most pockets, yet the symbols are easy to see. Being made from plastic ensures that the keyring is durable and hardwearing, and can stand up to a lot of use.


Countdown Keyring

The Countdown Keyring is a great behaviour tool to help de-escalate potentially difficult situations.

For those that understand numbers, there is a numerical countdown from 5 down to 1. For those that are not yet familiar enough with numbers for this system to work, there is also a colour coded system based on traffic light colours – from green, through amber, to red,. Both these countdowns are followed by a ‘finished’ symbol.

This product can be used to count down to the end of an activity, to provide some visual notice of the upcoming transition. It can also be used as a way of de-escalating an episode of behaviour, by counting down and then stating that ‘XYZ behaviour has now finished’.


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