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The Perfect Project: A Book about Autism: 1 (SEN Superpowers)

Amazon.co.uk Price: £5.35 (as of 04/04/2021 16:47 PST- Details)

When Charlie’s class have to do a class project on trains, can he use his SEN Superpowers to help his group get the job done? SEN Superpowers: The Perfect Project explores the topic of autism with an empowering story and adorable illustrations.

The SEN Superpowers series celebrates the positive traits associated with a range of common SEN (Special Education Needs) conditions, boosting the confidence and strength-awareness of children with those conditions, while also allowing for better understanding and positivity among their peers. Each book includes a page of discussion points about the story, a page of tips for how to boost abilities (inclusive for children with and without special educational needs), and, finally, a further page of notes for parents and teachers. The books feature a dyslexic-friendly font to encourage accessibility and inclusivity for all readers.

Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover editions are available – add to cart here and selection options during checkout on Amazon.

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