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Autism & Asperger Syndrome in Adults (Overcoming Common Problems)

Estimated to affect just over 1 per cent of the adult population in the UK – some 700,000 individuals – autism is still persistently viewed as a disorder or impairment but, this concept needs to be challenged. Written by a university lecturer with several years’ experience in the field, this book presents an up-to-date overview of autism and Asperger syndrome, and comments on the realities of adult life.

Topics include:

  • Terminology and what s preferred
  • Common myths and stereotypes
  • Diagnosis and related issues
  • Tips for undiagnosed adults
  • Understanding how autism impacts on the individual
  • Sensory issues
  • Transition into adulthood
  • Friendships and intimate relationship
  • The Criminal Justice System – what happens when autistic people break the law

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