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Firstly, a massive thank you for buying our Cleaning Teeth Schedule. Every purchase really does help our small business. So, from our family to yours – thank you. 

We started ASD after finding it incredibly hard to find high quality, ready-made visuals for our own autistic son, and becoming increasingly frustrated when our hand-made visuals fell apart after just a few short weeks or months.

Our aim, over everything else, it to help families just like ours to overcome some of the challenges faced while navigating life on the autistic spectrum.

With that in mind, we created this guide to help you get the most out of your ASD Cleaning Teeth Routine.


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We know from (bitter!) personal experience how gutting it is to spend hours making a set of resources only to have them fall apart a few weeks later.

That’s why all our resources are ready made, printed directly onto durable, BPA-free, non-toxic plastic.

Because we know that these visuals are likely to be used for years, and kids won’t necessarily be gentle on them, they are strong, long lasting and durable.

And because the Brushing Teeth Schedule is designed to be kept in the bathroom, next to the sink, it is 100% waterproof, and easy to clean with simple soap and water.



Tips and Tricks

The Brushing Teeth Schedule is designed to foster independence and good oral hygiene habits in a simple and effective way. However, we understand that establishing a new routine can sometimes be challenging. To help you get started and make the most of this tool, we’ve included some practical tips and tricks. These suggestions are aimed at making the brushing routine more engaging and effective for your child.

Begin by introducing the Brushing Teeth Schedule as part of your child’s regular morning and evening routines.

Place the schedule at eye level next to the bathroom basin where it’s easily visible.

Consistently referring to the schedule each time your child brushes their teeth can help cement the habit, making the steps familiar and expected.

Turn tooth brushing into a more interactive experience by involving your child in the process.

For instance, you can ask your child to explain what each step on the schedule means before they do it.

This helps reinforce their understanding and keeps them engaged.

You could also use a timer to make it fun, timing each step to ensure they brush long enough.

Gradually increase the level of responsibility your child has in their tooth brushing routine.

Initially, you might need to guide them through each step, but over time, encourage them to take the lead.

Praise them for each day they follow the schedule independently, reinforcing their good habits and boosting their confidence.

Implement a reward system to motivate your child.

For example, after a week of following the Brushing Teeth Schedule without reminders, they could earn a small reward.

Visual rewards, like stickers on a calendar for each successful day, can make the progress tangible and give your child something to strive for.

Keep the lines of communication open regarding the importance of oral hygiene.

Discuss why each step of the schedule is important, not just in terms of dental health but also for overall well-being.

By understanding the ‘why’ behind each action, your child is more likely to appreciate and stick to the routine.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why do you use symbols, not photos?

Put simply, symbols work better than photos.

For a literal thinker, a photo of a toothbrush and toothpaste will mean that toothbrush, and that toothpaste.

A toothbrush symbol is more general – it is used to represent all toothbrushes, not just one in particular.

We use Boardmaker symbols by DynaVox Mayer-Johnson (used with permission). These symbols have been designed by experts to be easy to understand by autistic people, and feature flat colours, 2D shapes with clear outlines.

These are the symbols used by millions globally, so your child is probably already familiar with them.

How can I help my child develop independence in brushing their teeth?

Our Brushing Teeth Schedule is designed to guide children through the steps of brushing their teeth independently.

By displaying the schedule next to the basin in the bathroom, children can easily follow the visual cues to complete each step of the brushing routine on their own.

Consistent use of the schedule helps children develop the skills and confidence they need to brush their teeth independently.

My child is resistant to brushing their teeth. Will the Brushing Teeth Schedule help?

Yes! The Brushing Teeth Schedule provides a visual and structured way to approach brushing teeth, which can help reduce resistance.

By breaking down the brushing routine into manageable steps and providing clear visual cues, the schedule can make the task of brushing teeth less overwhelming for children.

Consistent use of the schedule can also help establish a routine and make brushing teeth feel like a natural part of the daily routine.

How can I encourage my child to use the Brushing Teeth Schedule consistently?

Start by introducing the Brushing Teeth Schedule in a positive and supportive manner.

Explain to your child how the schedule works and why it’s important to brush their teeth regularly.

Display the schedule prominently next to the basin in the bathroom, where it’s easily visible and accessible.

Encourage your child to refer to the schedule each time they brush their teeth, and provide praise and positive reinforcement for using it consistently.

What if my child struggles to follow the steps on the Brushing Teeth Schedule?

If your child has difficulty following the steps on the Brushing Teeth Schedule, try breaking down the routine into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Offer guidance and support as needed, and gradually increase your child’s independence as they become more familiar with the routine.

You can also incorporate visual prompts or reminders to help reinforce the steps of the brushing routine.

My child loses interest in using the Brushing Teeth Schedule over time. How can I keep them engaged?

It’s important to keep the brushing routine fresh and engaging to maintain your child’s interest over time.

Consider incorporating interactive elements into the schedule, such as stickers or rewards for completing each step of the routine.

You can also involve your child in the process by letting them personalize their schedule with their favorite colors or characters.

Additionally, try to make the brushing routine fun by playing music or singing songs while brushing teeth.

What should I do if my child refuses to use the Brushing Teeth Schedule altogether?

If your child refuses to use the Brushing Teeth Schedule, it’s important to address any underlying concerns or issues that may be contributing to their resistance.

Talk to your child about their feelings and concerns regarding brushing their teeth, and try to identify any specific triggers or challenges they may be facing. Consider if there are any sensory difficulties at play – think about using different flavours of toothpaste (or even unflavoured toothpaste), and different styles of brush.

Offer reassurance and support, and work together to find alternative strategies or approaches that may be more effective for your child.

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