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Six Minute Social Skills Workbook 2: Social Detective Skills for Kids with Autism & Asperger’s

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Do social cues trip up your ASD learner? Discover how to help ASD kids and teens navigate peer interactions with confidence and success.

Social Detective Skills for Kids with Autism & Asperger’s is your field guide for helping children strengthen the skills they need to comfortably engage in personal interactions.

The easy-to-use workbook provides no-prep exercises that can be completed in just six minutes and is ideal for learners who misread body language and mood, find group activities too overwhelming, or who fail to make and keep friends.

Using Social Detective Skills for Kids with Autism & Asperger’s, your child will develop the skills to:

  • Determine the social expectations of any situation.
  • Engage successfully in a variety of social situations.
  • Deal with conflicting social expectations.
  • React appropriately when there is a problem.

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