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DYMACARE Fragrance-Free Bed Bath Wipes| Rinse Free Microwaveable Adult Body Wash Cloths | with Aloe Vera, Latex, Lanolin…

Amazon.co.uk Price: £8.99 (as of 04/04/2021 16:48 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

  • Simple and safe alternative to baths and showers – perfect for those who find conventional washing difficult or impossible
  • Great to ensure hygiene for those whose sensory difficulties make showers and baths difficult
  • Perfect to develop independence – one step process is easier to manage independently
  • Hassle free, full body bathing experience with absolutely no water required.
  • Gentle Fragrance-Free Bathing Wipes
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera to condition, soothe and nourish skin
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive/hypoallergenic skin
  • Great for those suffering from incontinence, to make bathing process less stressful and more dignified.
  • Ultra thick, large cloths offer a convenient rinse free and air dry option for cleansing that leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • Can also be warmed in the microwave for the comfort and feel of a real bath
  • SIZE: a set 3 packs, 8 wipes each, 24 wipes in total


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