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Our Gold Membership option allows you access to our entire suite of online resources, plus free postage within the UK (and discounted Worldwide Postage) for less than the price of a fancy coffee per month.

What our Members get

Simple yet effective, our resources cover a range of topics, and are designed specifically to help navigate daily life on the spectrum. They all include practical advice, and help you tailor your approach to the child in question.

Access to all our Resources

Our resources are designed to not only educate you on the topic in question, but to provide practical ideas and solutions, and our toolkits guide you through step by step in applying what you have learnt.

A Personalised Approach

We recognise that everyone is an individual, and simply giving you some information and a set of solutions won’t work. Our worksheets help you apply your knowledge, and really encourage you to think about the best ways to help your child as an individual.

Free Postage

As an added bonus, every member with a gold or platinum membership will receive free postage on all our visual aids within the UK, and discounted postage worldwide..

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What We Offer

We have three main types of resources, although more are being added every month so keep checking back!

Essential Guides

Short guides (usually 4-5 pages), written about specific topics. They are designed to give you an introduction to the subject being discussed, and some practical ideas of how to help.


Autism Courses “on steroids”. These courses contain a heap of invaluable information on each topic covered, plus provide step by step help to apply what you have learnt to your particular circumstances.

Social Stories

Great for explaining what is going to happen in advance, these stories are written in the first person and allow the reader to understand what will happen, expectations of them, and appropriate reactions and coping mechanisms.

What People Are Saying

“I absolutely love these resources! They are so useful, I swear I’ve learnt so much in the couple of months I have been a member. I would definitely recommend joining.”

JulIe McDonald

Parent, United Kingdom

“I have just finished going through the ‘Transitions’ toolkit. Honestly, it explains so much about why my son struggles so much. I really feel I have a much better insight into how he thinks, and I’m excited for more resources to be added.”

Rebecca Corrale

Parent, Canada

“As a registered Health Visitor and Specialist Nursery Nurse, I often work closely with families of autistic children as they struggle to cope with some of their child’s behaviours and challenges. I have already started recommending these resources to my families, they are finding them so helpful. Thank you for producing such high quality resources at such a reasonable price.”

Alana Williams

Health Visitor, United Kingdom

Essential Guides

Our Essential Guides are all absolutely free when you sign up for a free membership!

Our Essential Guides are short guides (around 4-5 pages usually), focusing on particular topics. We try to cover a wide range, and are always adding to what we offer, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch!


Learn what transition are, why they can be hard, and most importantly form a plan to help your child.

Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD is common amongst those on the spectrum – learn all about it here.

Successful Summers

How to cope with summertime and school holidays, with the changes to routines and disruption,

Coping with Christmas

Learn why Christmas can be hard for those on the spectrum, and how you can help to make it enjoyable for all.

Anxiety on the Spectrum

Many people on the spectrum also suffer with anxiety. Learn why, and how you can help.

Back to School

Returning to school after a long holiday can be a stressful time of year. Learn how to prepare your child (and yourself!)


Why are transitions difficult? What can we do to help? This toolkit covers everything you need to know about transitions, and helps you form a detailed plan of how to help going forward.

Anxiety on the Spectrum

Anxiety is another common diagnosis for those with ASD, and it can be debilitating. Learn how it can present, and put together a personalised plan for coping with it.

Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD is very common for those on the spectrum, and can have a huge impact on every aspect of someone’s life. Learn about it here, and create a personalised sensory plan.


We are adding to our collection of toolkits and other resources every month. We already have a lot in the pipeline, but if you don’t see something you need – just ask! As a member you can help shape our resources!


Our toolkits are detailed courses which give a wealth of information on a range of subjects. They also guide you through, step by step, on how to apply what you have learnt to your own specific circumstances.

Social Stories

We have a range of different social stories, some are available with our Silver Membership and all are 100% available with our Gold Membership.

Our Social Stories are simple stories written in the first person, designed to help people to cope with a specific situation.

We try to cover a wide range, and are always adding to what we offer, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch!


Social situations can be challenging for those on the spectrum – these social stories give the person a set of tools to help them to cope.

Covering a wide range of areas such as making friends, personal space, playing in the playground, waiting for a turn and more.


Managing behaviour is often a dificult task.

These social stories have been designed to help.

Don’t forget, we’re continually adding more resources, so if you don’t see something you would like, do get in touch.

Self Control

Learning self control, and not simply lashing out when things don’t go your way, can be a challenge. 

These social stories have been designed to provide a tool to help a person to manage their impulses.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene can present a challenge for many on the spectrum, whether it be because of sensory issues, or simply not understanding the need for it. 

These social stories have been designed to explain the necesity of simple personal hygiene tasks, as well as how to do them.


Some of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you don’t see the answer to your question though, please feel free to get in touch, we love to hear from our customers!

What can I get with the free membership?

With our free membership, you have instant access to all our Essential Guides. You also get to be among the first to know when we have offers or discounts on.

How often do you release new content?

We try to release a new toolkit every month, though this will depend on how in depth the toolkit is! The more in depth it is, the longer it obviously takes to perfect it and present the information in just the right way.

Can I order Hard Copies?

Yes, you can order hard copies of all our resources as part of our Platinum membership (subject to fair usage policy). You can also purchase a hard copy of any resource from our shop.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. We’re so confident that you’ll love our resources, that we’ll never tie you into a contract. Leave any time you want to, no obligations and no questions asked.

Who are these resources aimed at?

These resources are aimed at anyone who spends significant amounts of time with someone on the spectrum. They are particularly aimed at parents, but we have had some excellent feedback from teachers, SENDCO coordinators and other professionals.

What is 'early bird' pricing?

Our membership is a new venture for us, but one we are fully committed to. We will be adding resources regularly to  the ones currently available. To thank you for joining us on this journey, we are offering ‘early bird’ pricing – join now for a reduced monthly cost and we will never increase your membership cost!

Ready to give it a try?

Sign up for free, or jump right in and see what we have to offer.

Remember – you’re never tied into a contract, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason.